Membership fee

Membership fee starting from January 1, 2023.

The federation membership fee and the club membership fee will be billed separately, before the start of the new calendar year.

The federation membership fee will be billed separately at the beginning of the new calendar year. We, as a club, have no influence on the federation membership fee. It is directly transferred to the KNGU gymnastics federation. As a result, refunds are not possible upon termination of the membership. If you become a member later in the year, the amount will be charged proportionally.

Federation Membership Fee 2023

Youth members up to 15 years old: € 26.00 per year
Seniors 16 years and older: €32.00 per year

Club Membership Fee

The membership fee is monthly and is collected 10 times a year. For questions: months of July and August are free of membership fees.

If the costs for participating in our association are challenging due to your financial situation, you can contact:

Recreational classes

Monthly membership fee 1 hour 1,5 hours
Up to 17 years old (Kindergarten and recreational gymnastics classes)
€ 21.50
€ 34.00
Parent & Child Gym
€ 25.00
18 to 59 years old (TBC class, pilates, adult gymnastics)
€ 25.00
€ 39.00
60 years and older (TBC class, pilates, adult gymnastics)
€ 19.00
€ 29.00
Registration fee
€ 10.-

Competition groups

If your son or daughter participates in the competition group, you will receive the rates for the competition training from the treasurer.