Board & Committees

Board/Secretariat Correspondence

Correspondence can be directed to the secretariat at:

GV Voorwaarts
Vennekerhei 59
5508 WB Veldhoven

Coaches and Volunteers Committee

The Coaches and Volunteers Committee (TVC) promotes the connection and engagement of staff members within the association. The committee is there for all staff members, including coaches, assistant coaches, canteen volunteers, and committee members.

We keep staff members informed about matters relevant to them within Voorwaarts. Additionally, we support lesson promotion and assist the board.

The Toddler Committee

The Toddler Committee is responsible for movement lessons for children up to 6 years old. We offer parent and child gymnastics for children from 1.5 years old, and children from 3 years old can participate in toddler gymnastics.

During these lessons, we aim to introduce them to the joy of movement in a playful manner and guide them in their personal motor development. This includes games and movement to music. In addition to the weekly lessons, the toddler committee organizes a carnival morning, a demonstration day (big viewing lesson), and the annual Sinterklaas celebration.

The toddler committee aims to provide your child with a great time at Voorwaarts, where they can develop optimally in terms of motor skills and experience the joy of movement.

The Youth Committee

The youth committee focuses on members aged between 6 to 17 years old.

Outside of gymnastics lessons, youth members of Voorwaarts can participate in various activities. The committee organizes activities such as game days, a carnival ball, and participates in regional events for these age groups.

The Camp Committee

The camp committee organizes a youth weekend every year after the summer holidays, from Friday evening to Sunday evening, for children aged 9 to 15, both boys and girls.

The weekends take place at a campsite or farm and include various games such as forest games, treasure hunts, etc.

Apart from the permanent camp staff (8 people), a separate leader is assigned for each group of children (6-8) to accompany them throughout the weekend. The camp weekend is an unforgettable activity, so you don’t want to miss it.

The B.O.M (Movement to Music) Committee

The ‘Bewegen Op Muziek’ (BOM) committee organizes activities related to movement to music. These include the “Funny Day,” the “B.O.M. Dinner,” the “Bike Ride,” and “Powerwalks.” The organization of the Funny Day involves support from a separate Funny Day committee.

The Editorial Committee

The editorial committee publishes the GYMMI club magazine 10 times a year. During an editorial meeting, all contributions are discussed, and information for members is collected. Information about the activities of the board and committees is included in the GYMMI, often with the relevant registration form.

The content of the GYMMI is aimed at all members, including toddlers, youth, adults, and competitive members. The GYMMI is sent to members by email every month and is also posted on the website and Facebook page.

The Financial Committee

The goal of this committee is to ensure the financial affairs within the association run as smoothly as possible. They aim to achieve this by preparing a budget each year and working flexibly based on it.

Additionally, the committee handles membership administration and the collection of membership fees, including the associated administration.

Personnel and Organization

All matters related to personnel are managed by the P&O manager. For contact, please email: