Social Media Policy

1. Think Before You Act

Voorwaarts encourages understanding the context before participating in a conversation. Aim to contribute value.

2. Be Transparent

When responding to work-related matters, employees are expected to disclose their affiliation with Voorwaarts. If not an official representative, make it clear in your profile. Transparent communication allows others to assess contributions accurately.

3. Show Respect for Your Audience

Discuss ideas, not individuals. Employees are cautioned against personal attacks or criticism. Responses that are clear, constructive, and helpful can enhance trust in the brand.

4. Be Honest

Ensure accuracy and honesty. Support your opinions with facts and cite your information sources.

5. Do Not Share Internal Information

Avoid sharing internal information. Refrain from commenting on Voorwaarts’ business results.

6. Admit Mistakes

Use common sense and be polite. Admit mistakes and, if necessary, offer apologies.

7. Logo

Do not distort the logo. Do not associate the logo with inappropriate content.