General Information

Everyone who becomes a member will receive information and login details to download an app. In the app, you can also view and modify personal information. You can also see which classes are available in the app and sign up or cancel a class for yourself, your son, or your daughter. This way, the trainer will know if the participant will be present.

Through the app, we can inform you about important matters related to the association. This includes collecting membership fees or changes to the class you are participating in. For example, if a class cannot take place due to a trainer’s illness or weather conditions, we will make this known here.

You can read more about the app at

If you have missed the login details, you can email

Catch-up class

The months of July and August are free from membership fees. In these months, classes are given, except during the 6 weeks of summer vacation. These classes can be used to make up for missed classes. It’s not possible to attend another class because many classes are full, and we work with waiting lists.

Cancel membership

Cancellations must be communicated to the membership administration by parents/members. To cancel, send an email to, attn Ingrid Kanen. Always mention the name, address, and date of birth when canceling. Trainers are not responsible for terminating the membership.

You will always receive a confirmation of cancellation, including the end date. If you don’t receive a message, please contact the membership administration again. Tip: Check your spam/junk mail. We have a cancellation policy of one full calendar month. Cancellation in January has an end date of February 28th, cancellation in February has an end date of March 31st, etc. The membership fee will not be retroactively adjusted or refunded. This is because the costs are incurred by the association in advance.

Until the end date, you are welcome to continue participating in our classes. If you change your mind within the cancellation period, the cancellation can be revoked free of charge. Once the cancellation period has passed, you will need to register again through the website, and there will be associated registration fees. This is because the registration with the KNGU federation needs to be amended, for which these registration fees are charged.

A membership cannot be transferred to another member. This is because each member has their own unique, individual federation number from the KNGU gymnastics federation, combined with a membership number from the club.

If you have any questions, please contact the membership administration at:

Inactive member

It is possible to temporarily change your membership to an ‘inactive membership’. This means the following:

Someone can become an inactive member in cases of long-term illness, pregnancy, or if they simply want to remain a member of the association without attending active lessons or being a cadre member.

An inactive member does NOT have the right to participate in lessons but has all other rights, such as voting rights at the general member meetings, federation membership, and anniversaries. An inactive membership can commence when a member doesn’t participate in lessons for more than one period (= 2 months).

The membership fee for an inactive membership is set to 0.00 euros. However, the federation membership fee will still be collected. This is because the association pays the federation membership fee for inactive members to the gymnastics federation, which we as an association have no control over.

On the website under the “membership fee” button, you can see what the costs are for this. The federation membership fee is always collected in January. A member can choose to become an inactive member or cancel the membership and rejoin later. (For your information: registration costs are 10 euros)

Refunds for already collected membership fees unfortunately cannot be returned. If a member decides to become an inactive member and later still wants to cancel the membership, the remaining amount for the notice period will still be collected. If there is a waiting list for the lesson, the lesson spot will be made available for a new member. The inactive member will be placed at the top of the waiting list and can join as soon as they wish, and a spot becomes available.

Advancement as a Member

Within Voorwaarts, children do not automatically move to another class when they reach the age limit of a class. There are various reasons for this. For example, children may not always be ready to advance despite reaching the age, or because their friends are staying in the current class, etc. Advancement always takes place in consultation with the parents, the child, and the coach.

If a member wishes to advance to another class, the guardian should report this by sending an email to the membership administration at

On the website, under the ‘Program Offerings‘ button > (respective class), it is indicated for which class there is a waiting list. Because the waiting list can sometimes be quite long, it is advisable to notify about an upcoming advancement in a timely manner.

Due to safety considerations, we unfortunately cannot admit more members to a class than is desirable. We rely on your understanding of this.


You can find Voorwaarts’ cafeteria in the “turnhal” building on the Kempen Campus.

Lost and Found

If you have lost any belongings, please contact the trainer of your class. Email addresses and phone numbers can be found on the coaches page. Additionally, there is a lost and found container in the management room of the ‘turnhal’. The cafeteria staff has the key to it.


For the benefit of all members, there is an accident insurance policy in place through the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Union (KNGU). A brief explanation is provided below.


  • In case of a fatal accident.
  • In case of permanent disability due to an accident.

When are you covered:

  • During participation in activities at locations and times established by G.V. Voorwaarts or the KNGU, and during direct travel to and from the location where these activities take place.

Not covered:

  • Costs of medical treatment, such as doctor, dentist, and hospital expenses.
  • Rehabilitation costs.
  • Costs related to loss of income.

When and how to report:

  • Notification of the accident must be made immediately (no later than 24 hours) to the secretariat.


It is required that you attend classes in sportswear, such as a leotard, T-shirt, gym shorts, and possibly gym shoes with white soles. It is not mandatory to wear Voorwaarts-colored gym clothing. Voorwaarts clothing is available, inquire with the trainers for more information.

Sports Medical Examination

We recommend that all members request a sports medical examination. If you choose not to do so, it is at your own discretion.


Classes do not take place during school holidays. For Saturday groups, the first Saturday of the holiday has a class, and the second Saturday does not.

Confidential Contacts

More information about the confidential contacts can be found on the Confidential Contacts page.

Photos on the Website and Facebook

During lessons and extra activities of the association, photos are regularly taken. Some of these photos are used for publicity purposes and/or posted on the association’s website. Given the large number of photos and the many faces in these photos, it is usually not possible to obtain prior consent from everyone for publication. However, the association handles the interests of those depicted with care. If a member, parent/guardian, or cadre member still objects to the use of a particular photo, it will be removed upon request by posting a message on the relevant site if possible.

  • If you or your child should not be in photos, we kindly request you to borrow a blue wristband at the cafeteria during activities or special lessons. This will make it clear to the photographer that you or your child should not be in the photos. Thank you for your cooperation.

Club Magazine

Voorwaarts’ Club magazine is published 10 times a year. It contains various announcements of activities in which your child can participate. All members automatically receive the club magazine after joining.