We are looking for assistant trainers for various classes. If you’re into gymnastics and enjoy helping out for an hour under the guidance of an instructor, this opportunity is for you. Parents who are waiting for their children and enjoy assisting are also welcome to apply. If you’re not sure whether you can do it, you can always come and watch without any obligation.

Of course, this contribution is appreciated through:

  • Compensation for your assistance as an assistant trainer.
  • T-shirt
  • Team Party
  • The opportunity to take a course
  • A great club to work with
  • It also looks good on your (future) resume. Volunteer work matters!



Want to use your sports knowledge more often?

You can do that within Voorwaarts as a trainer if you’re 18 years or older. We love working with enthusiastic and sporty people, whether they’re already members of Voorwaarts or not. We’re looking for a regular trainer for a few hours, but we also want to find out who among the adults can occasionally fill in. So if you can’t do it yourself, ask people around you if they’re interested. Having sufficient knowledge about physical activity and being motivated are important. Even those without a sports education are more than welcome! Send an email to, and we’ll discuss the possibilities together.

Trainer needed for the following classes: Part-time, for example, every other week is negotiable.

Tumbling class on Tuesday and/or Wednesday, times and days to be determined. It’s a fun group focusing on various tumbling elements within gymnastics. Are you the one we’re looking for to guide the gymnasts in learning new elements?

Girls 6 to 8 years old on Tuesday from 18:00 to 19:00. These young gymnasts are just starting with gymnastics. You can teach them the basic principles of gymnastics. You can use all the equipment in the gym for this purpose. Assistant trainers are also present in the class to help with spotting. Of course, you can also play games with them from time to time.

Girls 9 to 11 years old on Tuesday from 19:00 to 20:00. These girls have mastered the basics of gymnastics. You can challenge them to perfect their skills, or you can teach them more advanced elements. Performing a routine on a gymnastics apparatus is also possible for them. There are assistant trainers to help with spotting.

Substitutes are always welcome!

There are times when trainers are unavailable for a short or long period. In these cases, it’s nice to be able to ask adults to take over a class. Knowledge of gymnastics is less important for this role, but enthusiasm for sports is essential. Voorwaarts offers a wide variety of classes, so there’s probably something you’ll enjoy. Assistant trainers will be present when you take over the class, so you won’t be on your own.

Will you be our new trainer, or do you know someone who wants to be one?

Email us the contact information (, and we’ll get in touch with you or them. We’re eager to talk to anyone who is enthusiastic about joining our team of trainers.

See you soon!

Board of Voorwaarts